Team Asha

Team Asha SF marathon training program brings to each participant a custom training program with a focus on individual goals. Whether you are a first time half or full marathon runner or a seasoned runner, our coaches can provide a training plan that will bring out the athlete in you and help you achieve your fitness and marathon goals. Past runners have found the program to effectively balance the right amount of mileage, long runs and practice races. Through a carefully selected combination of muddy trails and tarmac paths, the training runs accustom you to the terrain of the marathon destination. In addition to the runs, the training program targets and educates runners on aspects like shoes, hydration, clothing and mental preparation. Aided by the lessons learnt by past runners as well as the vast experience of the coaching members our training will prepare you to take on the challenge of the marathon with gusto!!


Accomplishing a task like running a marathon requires a sustained team effort. Finding individuals or groups to run with is especially important to individuals preparing for any endurance running event. Runners all over the world acknowledge that their results and enjoyment are enhanced by teaming up with other runners. The Team Asha training program is committed to providing strong team support and fellowship for all of the runners in the program. Since our teams typically include runners of all levels the team and the expertise of the coaches can help you reduce and overcome the strain that comes with sustained training over several months. In addition, mentor program helps you keep motivated and fit all throughout your preparation for the big day. By sharing the marathon experience together our runners have often formed life-long relationships with each other. Perhaps the biggest benefit of training in a team is the support and counseling that members give each other.
Go team!!

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Half Marathon Training details

The half marathon training program starts in mid April and ends with San Francisco Marathon. The training starts off slow and easy with short and easy runs. In the beginning, we will focus on stretching and strength training. As the training progresses, we increase weekly run mileage. Our training includes

  • Weekday training runs to build a strong running foundation. Training times are Monday and Thursday at 6:30pm.
  • Speed workouts to improve your stamina and VO2 max. We meet at 7PM at Kezar stadium on Tuesdays.
  • Weekend runs to build your endurance. We meet on Saturday mornings at 8:00AM at various locations in SF.
  • Strength/cross training suggestions and guidelines.
  • Training sessions to improve your running form.
  • Guidance from our coaches for runners who are complete beginners and just want to finish a half marathon.
  • Training for previous half-marathoners who want to get faster and to learn the joys of community running.
  • Guidance on what to wear, what to eat and how to prepare for a race.

If you are interested in the running the SF full marathon, please contact us for training details at

NOTE: We are open to helping you run other races. Please contact us if you’ve signed up for a race outside of the SF Marathon.