We run so they can read

Team Asha runners raise funds for Asha for Education, Silicon Valley chapter, which helps support education initiatives for underprivileged children in India. Since its beginning in 2000, Team Asha has raised over $3 million. 100% of the funds raised are sent to projects in India.

Team Asha SF has half marathon training program

Half Marathon Training : April to July


Each runner is required to raise a minimum amount depending on how many seasons they train with Team Asha.

Train For Run Goal Deadline
Half Marathon Half $1500 Aug 10th, 2017
Full Marathon Half $2100 Oct 10th, 2017


1. Spouse discount:
25% for each partner. This discount is applicable only if both partners register at the same time. Fundraising target: $1125 for half, $1575 for full.

2. Repeat Runner Discount:

  • 20% for TA Alumni runners returning for their second year. Fundraising target: $1200 for half, $1680 for full.
  • 40% for TA Alumni runners returning for their third year. Fundraising target:$900 for half, $1260 for full.
  • Custom Target for Team Asha Alumni runners returning for their fourth fundraising year or beyond

  • 3. Mentor Discount:
    25% for alumni runners who volunteer as mentors. Fundraising target:$1125 for half, $1575 for full.

    4. Discount for full-time students:
    50% for full time student runners. Fundraising target:$750

    *The discounts above cannot be combined. If two discounts are applicable, the larger of the two is applied.

    5. New runner referral discounts:
    $100 for every referred registrant who recommits. There is no limit on the number of referral discounts. This discount can be combined with any of the first five discounts.